Provision of iPark ground for a COVID-19 temporary medical facility

Following a request from Kanagawa Prefecture, we have decided to lend our ground, which is located at the northwest end of the site of iPark, for a fixed period as a site on which to construct a temporary medical facility for the adjacent Shonan Kamakura General Hospital.
This request was made as Kanagawa Prefecture has designated the above hospital as a "priority medical institution" accepting patients moderately ill with COVID-19. We have decided to grant this request as part of our social contribution in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.
We have confirmed with Kanagawa Prefecture and the hospital that the facility on the iPark premises will be carefully designed and operated in order to prevent the spread of infection. Accordingly, for this temporary medical facility, measures will be taken such as the use of a dedicated gate, and the paths taken by medical staff will be kept separate from those used by Takeda employees and residents.
Since iPark's residents and members all work for people's health as well, so we believe that they will understand our decision.
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