Measures in response to COVID-19

A Novel Coronavirus Measures Committee was established at Shonan iPark in late February and is engaging in the following measures, in order to protect the health of our residents, members, and guests.


■ Sanitary measures

- Reinforcement of cleaning/sterilization of common areas

- Placing alcoholic sanitizers within facilities

- Thorough handwashing when using the cafeteria


■ Measures to prevent the “three closed situations”

- Indefinite postponement of onsite events

- Discontinuance of facility visits in large groups

- Request to tenants / member companies to switch to remote work or online meetings

- Prevention of crowds by allotting dispersed time for cafeteria usage


■ Measures in case of infections

In close coordination with health centers and local municipalities, prior establishment of SOPs for when infections occur

*A person working at Shonan iPark was found to be infected at the end of March. In prompt coordination with the local government and health center, we are attending to the situation based on an operational flow decided in advance, including disinfection of applicable workplaces and pathways, identification of close-contacts, and requests to the close-contacts to stay at home.


If anyone who visited Shonan iPark has tested positive for the novel coronavirus, please immediately contact: EHS_ipark@takeda.com


Shonan iPark houses many pharmaceutical and life sciences-related companies. Even at times like these, some workers inevitably need to commute to ipark.

To protect the health of such workers, we kindly ask that you refrain from unneeded and unurgent visits and meetings, as much as possible, and cooperate with the preventive measures.


*Shonan iPark works in close coordination with health centers and other related organizations and provides information in a prompt and transparent manner.

Going forward as well, we will continue announcing necessary information, while taking heed of protecting personal information and upon coordination with respective companies’ disclosure policies.