iPark Membership

What is iPark Membership?

iPark membership is a system that allows you to join iPark ecosystem without occupying the space in iPark. Members can come to iPark whenever they want, such as to use the open office or join events, and this system is popular with companies who don't need to use laboratories, companies currently waiting to move in, and companies based overseas.

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iPark Membership is for a system for the following companies (organizations).

 - Companies that will build together a life science ecosystem that is open to the world

 - Companies that will utilize Shonan iPark as a base for open innovation, and actively collaborate with other tenants and member companies

 - Companies interested in developing their internal entrepreneurial talent

 - Companies that would like to expand the field from Japan to the world or from the world to Japan


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Annual Fee
2 Million Yen
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Issuance of IC cards (used by registered members only) + 350,000 yen per additional Member

Use of open office (free address)

Use of meeting rooms (at iPark Tenant Prices)

Use of common facilities

Use of open laboratory (paid)


Participation in seminars and networking events (free/paid)

Organizing own events in iPark (including virtual events) for iPark residents and members
Recieving general manager's columns and iPark Newsletter


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Person in charge

Commercial and Business Development

Takatoshi Kuno, Yuri Ogiso
E-mail shonan-health-innovation-park@takeda.com


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